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December 17, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

Oh Yes They Will Downsize


We've decided to release this popular duo as a single. It's the sad, but oft told story of the intersection of rampant globalization, the outsourcing phenomenon and corporate greed set to a snappy and familiar tune (baby it's cold outside). Happy Holidays and we hope your job is still there when you get back to work.

It’s true what they say (I hear they just may downsize) Call Center moved away (I hear they just may downsize) I want to avoid… (Been hoping that they were lies) Bein’ unemployed (Accountings dropping just like flies) I’m really starting to worry (The end’ll come in a hurry) I’ll be next to be shown the door (You’re shookin’ up to your core) Clean out my desk in a flurry (And I think you better hurry) I’ll have to get work as a whore (More like you’ll be cleaning a floor)...

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December 12, 2010 @ 3:17 pm

Ep. 6 Work: How to Get Ahead


This is our last episode of the decade, so enjoy it. We know times are tough. The economy is suicidal, unemployment is high, unemployment insurance is low and polticians are sitting on their thumbs like we elected them to be bemused and collect fat pensions. We are here to help with stellar advice on how to get a job using robo-interviewers and trickery as well as tips on how to get ahead at work through some good old fashioned ass-kissing, emulation, and low level espionage. In addition we critique some horrible job advice and as always in the celebrity corner we debut some excellent celeb discounts and comparisons. Bonus Track: The hit-esque single "Oh Yes They Will Downsize" in two-part harmony. Happy New Year!

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