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June 27, 2011 @ 9:53 pm

A Jug of Wine, and (what the heck) Thou


This is a true story my grandmother told me as a child: Grandma was a teenager during prohibition, living in Pennsylvania. Her family owned a vinyard, and by law they were only allowed to make wine for the church. Even though it was illegal, they made extra to sell to the cathouse down the road. Under the cover of night, grandma would function as a lookout. The son of the whoremaster would drive over and make the pickup. After a few visits, the son asked grandma out to dinner. He took her to a dark, remote restaurant and ushered her to a table in the shadows. Sitting at the table, grandma burst out in tears. She thought that her father sold her off to the cathouse proprietor to work as a whore, and that she was being taken away for good. But it turned out they were just out on a date! Boy, did they have a good laugh!

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June 6, 2011 @ 12:03 pm

Outing a Cheater, James Spader, and the Ark Park


We take things back to 1967 and kick it old school. In the meantime we discuss the wide wide world of hate, peace in the Middle East (ha) the gay 90s, trucker etiquette, rentafriend.com, the executive elevator, Kentucky's Ark Park, listener mail, the discount Thor movie, Richard Greico vs. you know who, James Spader vs. Peter Sarsgaard, the one reason a man should do Yoga, how to find your purpose in 20 minutes, advice on advice and a whole lot more. Please enjoy.

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