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November 27, 2011 @ 11:54 pm

Ep. 28: Sweet on Improv


 HYKI is thrilled to have interviewed the “illegitimate grandfather of improv” Jeffrey Sweet.

Jeffrey Sweet is a playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, critic, journalist, teacher, performer, theater historian, and director. He's also the author of Something Wonderful Right Away—an oral history of Second City, and two books on playwriting: The Dramatist’s Tool Kit, and Solving Your Script.
Sweet’s The Value of Names, and numerous other plays, have been produced around the world on stage, TV, and radio, featuring actors such as Helen Hunt, John Astin, Nathan Lane, Jack Klugman, and Richard Kind.
The solo show, You Only Shoot the Ones You Love (a fascinating anecdotal history of improvisation and comedy) was performed in Chicago’s Fillet of Solo Festival, and the New York Fringe.
Sweet serves as a member of the Council of the Dramatists Guild, is a member of Ensemble Studio Theater, and is an alumnus of New Dramatists. He contributes a regular column to the magazine, Dramatics.  Follow Mr. Sweet on facebook for updates.


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