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March 11, 2012 @ 9:23 pm

Ep 41:Leah Bonnema


HYKI is joined by comic Leah Bonnema for this very special episode. Find out about-- Leah Bonnema’s adventures in Iraq & Djibouti, Fear and Loathing in Hungary, Wake up and Yell at Me, NYC Subway Throwdown Moments, February: The Rudest Month of the Year, The Cure For Back Pain- Yelling at Others, For $75 you can be a lady, Weird and Snobby Olympic Sports, Urban Olympic Pentathlon, A Very Godspell Reunion, Obama Sings Again & More Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plans

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Our Guest Hailing from rural Maine, Leah Bonnema is a stand up comic based in New York City. Huffington Post named her one of their Favorite Female Comedians and College Candy listed in her the Top Ten Female Comics in country. She has been featured on WeTV, Logo, Sirius-XM Radio and has toured for the troops in the Middle East. Leah recently debuted her one-woman show, "Wake Up and Yell at Me," at the People's Improv Theater. For for information please check out www.LeahBonnema.com. Clips: Glasgow Comedy Festival "America Stands Up" ShowcaseCollege Candy BreakOut Artist Series at Caroline’s

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