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May 30, 2011 @ 5:54 pm

Are you Ghetto or White Trash–Take the Test


In our last episode, one of our listeners asked us to help define the distinction between ghetto and white trash.  And while we're at it, what about, guidos and red necks? We can't ignore them either. So we developed a handy spreadsheet for you to use as a guide. If you want to know what category you fall into, know that if your lifestyle reflects 14 out of the 20 variables presented, you belong to that happy group! So get to it, y'all!








Variable Ghetto White Trash Red Neck Guido
Geography urban suburban/rural/urban rural urban/suburban
Race all white white all
Taste in Music rap rap/country (happy songs) country (sad songs) cheesy dance
Usage of Crystal Meth no yes yes no
Gold Jewelry yes yes no yes
Cash Flow high to low high to low high to low high to low
Dress Code hip hop/tank tops hip hop/tank tops tank tops/flannel shirts tanks tops/no tops
Smoke Menthol Cigarettes yes yes yes yes
Wear a Hair Piece yes yes no yes
Threatened by Tornadoes no yes yes no
Gun Ownership yes yes yes no
Wife Beater (as in, not a tank top) yes yes yes yes
Penciled-in/Over-plucked Eyebrows yes yes no yes
Owning rims yes no  no yes
Being Paris Hilton no yes no no
Loud in Public yes yes yes yes
All Repairs Done with Duct Tape no yes yes no, you got a guy
Willingness to Get into a Fist Fight yes yes yes yes
Use of the Word: Y'all yes yes yes yes
 BBQ on Front Lawn no yes yes yes
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