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August 13, 2011 @ 9:37 pm

Ep 14. The Dirty Nude Flashmob


Now Weekly and with 15 Pieces of Flair

We are sticking to our schedule of a new show each Monday. Get ready for episode 14 wherein Jacquetta discovers how to use garageband and Katie figures how to make a recording studio with her bare hands. Also, learn about the following in our regular segments:

  • This Week in Bateman: a new quote about gay people because he just won't quit
  • Advice on Advice: How to Make Friends, but not really
  • HYDKI (hey, you didn't know it): Exiting Workers are More Disgruntled
  • Discount Celebrity: Jason Statham vs. Daniel Craig. We think Craig is seriously biting on his style with Cowboys & Aliens

But wait there's more!

  • Is the military teaching cockroaches to dance?
  • Flash mobs- how they started and how they went ballistic in Philly
  • 50 people get nude for 1 minute on Wall Street and they call it art
  • Filthy money that smells like, well, you know...
  • listener mail
  • transitional music

y mucho mas...

Please enjoy.

Intro/Out music: Four Alarm from the Viva!! EP by Cinema Cinema

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