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September 25, 2011 @ 2:01 pm

Ep. 20 I Kissed Tom Selleck Again


HYKI welcomed hardcore standup comic Asie Mohtarez into our midtown studio rental to talk about pretty much everything under the sun including:

  • The NYC Comedy Scene
  • Her Past, Present and Future
  • TWIB (The Week In Bateman): More gay quotes
  • How to Get a Kiss from Tom Selleck (again!)
  • Celebrity Discount: Josh Radner vs. Jason Biggs
  • HYDKI (Hey you didn't know it): Hey Greece, lenders want collateral...
  • Advice on Advice: How to Deal with Customer Service
  • Headscarf Brawl at Rye Playland
  • Would you date a redhead?
  • y mucho mas
  • Please enjoy

Intro/Out music: Four Alarm from the Viva!! EP by Cinema Cinema

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smallertimeout-1.jpgAsie Mohtarez is an Iranian-American comedian living and performing in New York City.  She began studying improv and acting after several failed attempts at fulfilling her immigrant parents' American dreams of her becoming a doctor-lawyer-engineer. You can find Miss Mohtarez performing stand-up around the city at Comix, Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club and The New York Comedy Club. She's been featured on CNN, the Boston Women's Comedy Festival, Glamour, Time Out NY and NY Magazine and blogs regularly asie.tumblr.com. Twitter- @AwesomeAsie.

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