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October 2, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

Ep. 21 Tuck and Cover


Luke Ward, hand model and sitcom revivalist writer for To Be Continued..., joins HYKI in the studio to weigh in on:

  • Extreme Nail Biting
  • Vampires: The Need to Feed
  • Advice on Advice: That Darn Mrs. Web
  • Small Wonder, Night Court, and an All Black "Friends"
  • To Be Continued
  • Freaky Ass Dave Coulier
  • Larry From Three's Company
  • Dance Mom's
  • Bear Gryll's Enema
  • San Fran's Nude Ban
  • y mucho mas

Please enjoy!

Intro/Out music: Four Alarm from the Viva!! EP by Cinema Cinema

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When reruns don't cut it, there's To Be Continued... Each month the TBC Players put on a brand new episode of a classic sitcom, written just for you. Not a lost episode, not a script lying around the writer's room, but a completely original take on your favorite shows. More than just fan fiction, To Be Continued...brings you back to TV when changing the channel meant getting up and turning the knob. So show us that smile one more time, move on up to the East Side, and come to the show where everybody still knows your name. Twitter- @2BContinuedShow

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