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December 3, 2017 @ 10:12 pm

HYKI340: Lube-la-la



We are thrilled to welcome Rebecca (sexpositiverebecca.com) , sex educator, advocate and host of the forthcoming Don't Freak Out: Zen and the Art of Raising Sex-Positive Kids podcast to talk about sexy things in a very non-sexy way.

Rebecca is a writer, activist, business-woman and educator. She is also a parent. In 2005, rather by accident, Rebecca started working in the “sex industry”*. She was lucky enough to arrive in the field in time to witness the radical evolution of an entire industry. Over the years, she saw a lot of weird stuff, (it’s a pretty kinky world out there). She gave a lot of classes to a lot of women about g-spots and vibrators. Many, many people cornered her at parties and spontaneously told her their fantasies. Just as many people were deeply uncomfortable with her job. Very rarely did she meet anyone who she felt was “sexually well-centered”.

Rebecca realized that the world is in desperate need of more sex talk- more education, more openness, more acceptance and less fear.

People who are unhappy in their sexuality are unhappy. People who are uncomfortable in their sexuality are uncomfortable with sexuality in general. Unhappy and uncomfortable people do terrible things- often to other people. Rebecca decided she needed to try and turn the tides for future generations and Don’t Freak Out was born.

This podcast is made to provide solid, calm advice for parents who want to raise happy, sex-positive kids, (and survive their child’s sexuality while they’re at it).

*Believe it or not, sex toy manufacturers also hire account executives!





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Intro/Outro by Cinema Cinema "Decades" and "Boxcutter" from Night at the Fights.


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